"5-Lesson eBook Creation Crash Course"
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Yes - Private Label Rights so you can rebrand, edit, or do with it whatever you want!

"5 Lesson eBook Creation Crash Course" Is Simple, Straight Forward, and Quick

Private Label Rights (PLR) Included

Examples Of What You Can Do With This PLR?

You can use this PLR as is and give it away as an incentive to add subscribers to your email list.
Edit this PLR any which way you would like before using.
Once edited, you can sell and keep all the profits.
Place your own name on it and use it as a product you've created.
Break the down the content and repurpose it as you wish.
You can use this PLR as a bonus product.
Modify the content into any format you prefer such as audio.

"5 Lesson eBook Creation Crash Course" FEATURES:

What Makes This Product So Complete?

Ease Of Lessons

5 Quick, Easy to Follow, Step by Step Lessons. If you prefer to create an eBook from scratch rather than editing this PLR package to suit your needs, go through these simple step-by-step lessons and you will find out just how quick and easy it can be to create a very attractive product.

Private Label Rights

Use this content as you feel fit. This PLR is new and up-to-date unlike many that are just rehashed content from older PLR products. There are many ways of using this fresh PLR package to meet your needs. For example, offer it to your subscribers as a simple method of editing and creating a product of their own, repurpose the content for blog posts, or modify the content into any format you wish. 

Very Affordable

Currently at an extremely affordable price. Why pay so much more for content that is old, used by many, and outdated when you can take advantage of this very affordable fresh PLR package that offers not only PLR rights but also 5 simple lessons that provide all the information you could possibly need to build a profit earning product.

Earn Cash Formula

Monetizing & marketing eBook strategies provided. With this PLR package, you will not be left hanging with a final product and no idea what to do next when it comes to monetizing and marketing. This PLR package provides everything you need from start to finish. You will be able to use the PLR any way you want as long as you follow the rights granted and if earning a profit is your goal, we have you covered with everything you will need to know. 

"5 Lesson eBook Creation Crash Course"

What You'll Discover In The "5-Lesson eBook Creation Crash Course"

introduction & PLR Rights

Introduction & PLR Product Rights

Are you ready to abandon all the worthless PLR packages available online that are old, outdated, and rehashed? If you're ready for a fresh, newly created PLR package that you can  edit and claim as your own product then you are at the right place. Just follow the PLR Conditions and Terms of Use and you'll quickly see how this package provides a variety of ways any new or seasoned marketer can use this PLR.

PLR eBook Product Rights:

[YES] Can be used in an email sequence.
[YES] Can be use as incentive to opt-in to an email list.
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus product.
[YES] Can be modified to suit your needs and claimed as your own product.
[YES] Can be repurposed and used as blog posts or articles on a website.
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be added to free membership sites
[YES] Can be sold as is and keep 100% of the profits.
[YES] Can be given away for free.
[YES] Can be packaged with other products as a bundle.
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

lesson 1

What Is an eBook or PDF Report

An eBook, short for "electronic book", is a digital form of content designed to be read on devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones. An eBook is a marketing asset that delivers information to its reader. They are often packaged as PDF documents. PDF reports and eBooks are not only products of information that you can sell and give away, but they can also become a tool to build your business, and create traffic and income.

lesson 2

Essential Elements of an eBook

These 7 crucial elements of an eBook are detailed with clear explanation. Whether the eBook is a PLR product or one that you choose to create yourself, these 7 elements are necessary for a comprehensive final product. 

An Interesting, Descriptive Title
A Visual Cover
Table of Contents with Clear Chapter Titles
An Introduction
Content Specific to Each Chapter Title
Links and Call-to-Action Throughout the Content as Deemed Appropriate
Conclusion With a Final Call-to-Action

Lesson 3

Advantages of Digital eBooks or PDF Reports

Some of The Distinct Advantages to eBooks for Both the Author and the Consumer Covered:

On-demand access to the eBook content whenever you are ready to read. 
You can put it behind an opt-in gate incentivizing your visitor to opt-in.
Expanded design capability with media, charts, graphs, and full page images.
Once created, you can distribute the eBook without incurring additional expenses. 
You can embed links to other media throughout the eBook. 

Lesson 4

The Actual Writing Process

Many find the actual writing process to be intimidating however, within this PLR product every aspect of writing and completing the writing process is comfortably simplified.

What Can You Write About
Tools You May Want To Use
Understanding Writing Styles
Tips for Non-Writers
List Each Chapter Title of Your eBook in the Table of Contents
Writing Your Introduction
Detail Each Chapter As You Write
Include Appropriate Call-to-Action Throughout the Content
Write Your Conclusion With Final Call-to-Action

Lesson 5

Monetizing & Marketing Your eBook

Monetizing and marketing your eBook is an excellent way to earn passive income. As with any business, there are certain strategies or steps to follow in order to be profitable and scalable. This PLR product covers up-to-date strategies that promise to produce results.

Lead Generation
Free eBook Promotion Sites
Build Your Email List and Social Followers
Mention Products or Services
Promote Affiliate Products or Additional Offers
Get eBook Reviews
Get Amazon Promotion
Set Up Your Conversion Funnel
Build a Compelling Sales Page
Spread the Word Through Social Media
Create a Video About Your eBook
Email Your Subscribers
Re purpose Sections of Your eBook
Build Anticipation With a Pre-Launch
Run Paid Ads



The content inside this brand new PLR package, as listed below, has been created to be easily understood and simple to apply. You will find excellent value within this fresh, brand new PLR package. 

Introduction & PLR Product Rights
What is an eBook or PDF Report
Essential Elements of an eBook
Advantages of Digital eBooks or PDF Reports
The Actual Writing Process
Monetizing & Marketing Your eBook

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